What we do: Mining


Robust products and systems for mining applications

The Goodwin range of submersible pumps has a world-class reputation as being a versatile and durable pump for the movement of high solid content slurries within the mining industry.

Historically, the range of Goodwin pumps was manufactured in the UK. However, with the established and up and coming mining markets being located in the southern hemisphere, the Group decided to strategically move manufacturing to India in 2005, keeping all R&D in the UK. Sales, service and maintenance offices are strategically located geographically in India, Australia, South Africa, Brazil and Indonesia to service the major mining centres of the world.

Our continually evolving range of submersible pumps are manufactured for both traditional applications and tailored pumping solutions including turn-key systems for special projects, where reclamation of minerals from tailings has a commercial value or instances requiring mine tailings to be moved without excessive water or vibration, which could cause dam wall stability issues.