Mechanical & Refractory Engineering

Excellence in engineering dating back to 1883

Goodwin PLC is a group of established mechanical and refractory engineering companies, specialising in the design, manufacture and supply of high-quality products and solutions.

Goodwin PLC’s subsidiaries manufacture and operate in over ten countries worldwide, enabling the Group to capitalise on local market growth and take new products to market quickly, in both the established and emerging markets.

Goodwin PLC focuses on the core principles of high quality design of specialist products, supplied on-time, maintaining high levels of quality assurance, priced competitively and manufactured in a safe and environmentally responsible manner, with a hands-on management approach.

Over 140 Years of Engineering

Goodwin PLC is a majority owned and managed business by the Goodwin family.

Through continual investment in the research and development of new products and opportunities, cost reduction of current product lines, making strategic acquisitions and taking long-term views that are right for both the company and its stakeholders, Goodwin PLC has firm foundations on which to continue to grow.

Engineering excellence renowned worldwide

Many companies within the Group are market leaders of the product lines that they manufacture and supply. This success has been through the detailed engineering approach to business, along with the professional and hard-working culture of the employees within the Group.

The Group focuses on continual development of not only its products and services, but also its employees. We are passionate about both our company culture and employee skill set growth within the business. This ensures that we have highly trained, knowledgeable and ambitious people helping to drive the company and its products forwards.

Mechanical and Refractory Engineering

Goodwin PLC has two core divisions within the business; Mechanical Engineering and Refractory Engineering.

The Mechanical Engineering Division designs, manufactures and supplies high-technology metallic, composite and electronic products to industry sectors including defence, surveillance, aerospace, mining and the oil, gas, water and power generation industries.

The Refractory Engineering Division designs, manufactures and supplies formulated, mineral-based products and processed minerals to the jewellery, aerospace, automotive, horticultural and fire protection industry sectors.

Companies Worldwide
Countries of Operation
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Industries and Applications

The range of products and services that the Group supplies covers a diverse and wide range of global industry sectors, giving the Group access to many global markets, as well as resilience due to the spread of business across different products and sectors.